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The Industry Leader in Parylene Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating Services

Para Tech strives to be the solutions provider of choice in the parylene conformal coating industry. Our team of professionals leverages the latest conformal coatings advanced technology and industry experience to consistently deliver high-quality products, service, and support. By doing so, we have established ourselves as an industry leader servicing medical, aviation, electronic, and military operations industries.

Today's Markets using Parylene Coating


WHY PARA TECH? Our Core Products and Parylene Conformal Coating Services

Para Tech has a dedicated team of engineers and support staff that meet all certification requirements to be a certified vendor of parylene applications. From technical competence to a state-of-the-art facility, Para Tech meets the demands of any industry, any product, and any specification. Para Tech is a full-service conformal coating and vacuum deposition coating company, and offers three core services and products, and holds national and international quality standard certifications.


pcb conformal coating services

As an extension of your manufacturing team, Para Tech is committed to your success with fast turnaround, on-budget production, high-quality finishes and quality assurance. Our engineers are ready to meet your needs for parylene coatings at one of our full-service conformal coating centers. Our process is completed by using a large automated static coating system for all fixture parts and a tumble coat vacuum deposition coating process for uniform parts, high-quantities and products that can withstand tumble coating. All projects come with application engineering support as part of our turnkey service.


If it is more beneficial for your company to perform Parylene coating in-house, we offer innovative vacuum deposition coating systems for use within your facility. We currently manufacture three separate high quality models designed for large-scale operations. If need be, our engineers can customize one of our systems to meet the demands of your particular project. We provide ongoing training, technical support, and maintenance to ensure you get the most for your Para Tech coating systems.


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At Para Tech, we use a superior proprietary process for controlling temperature and pressure during the coating cycle, which results in unmatched coating quality as well as precise production control. Read more about the Para Tech Advantage for conformal coating services. We demonstrate an ongoing commitment to meet the quality requirements of international standards such as ISO9001:2008 and ISO13845 and our national Parylene coating centers have quality management systems (QMS) certified to aerospace standard AS9100C.


Para Tech is the exclusive North America distributor of the premier dimer brand Galxyl®. All of our raw materials offer unique physical and electrical properties and are approved for aerospace, military, and medical application. Para Tech engineers will help select the optimal material, thickness and substrate preparation to meet your needs.

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With nearly 50 years of experience in the Parylene industry, Para Tech is the leader in Parylene coating technology. We are ready to help you with your Parylene conformal coating needs and can answer any questions about the specific requirements of your product's coating needs such as moisture control on a printed circuit board surface, protective coatings on ultra critical components and specialty devices, and a variety of other parylene conformal coating solutions and protective applications.