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Parylene Coating Equipment

When production requirements and coating volumes justify bringing some or all of your Parylene coating processes in-house, look to Para Tech Coating for a full range of Parylene deposition systems and coating equipment.

Para Tech Parylene PVD coating machines have user-selectable programs to meet various film thickness and substrate loading requirements. A PC interface makes it possible to prepare, store and load custom deposition parameters for the equipment to meet virtually every coating requirement.

LabTop® 3000

Compact Bench Top Coating System - Laboratory, R&D, and Short-Run Production Coating The compact LabTop® 3000 coating equipment by Para Tech is designed for processing small substrates or modules in both laboratory and production settings. Its 8 inches by 9 inches stainless steel chamber can also accommodate larger devices for prototyping and research and development applications.

Model 2000H

Horizontal Automated Parylene Coating System - Para Tech vacuum deposition equipment designed for Parylene coatings are targeted at efficient production coating. Pressure and temperature values are pre-programmed and automatically controlled in this equipment, giving unskilled operators the ability to achieve precise and repeatable results.

Model 4000V

Vertical Automated Parylene Coating System - The Model 4000V coating equipment has a unique, patented chamber design that makes it more efficient than conventional baffled chamber systems. By eliminating baffles, this system delivers more useable chamber volume and reduces the amount of raw material required, along with reduced need for maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, this chamber and fixture design enables extremely low parylene coating thickness gradients across substrate surfaces and coatings of exceptional clarity and low dimer content. Several optional chamber sizes in this conformal coating equipment accommodate varying production needs. Modular design enables quick and easy separation of the generator from the chamber modules for efficient and economical coating of a variety of substrates.

Model ARS

Alcohol Recovery and Filtration Systems - The ARS alcohol recovery system is designed to cut long term production costs by increasing the usable life of solutions used in pre-coat cleaning and pre-coat treatment systems. The ARS is designed specifically for the rigors of ferrite cleaning applications, and the ARS is designed to augment the coating of electronics, PCB assemblies and other similar substrates. Both systems are completely self-contained and designed to permit easy access for filter replacement and other maintenance. A variety of optional equipment features allow for modification to meet round-the-clock operation requirements and support specialized applications.


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