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Parylene Technical Documents


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Cleanliness Requirements Prior to Conformal Coating   [SMTA]
PCB Cleaning   [Kyzen Precision Cleaning Chemistries and Services]
New IPC Standard Helps Define How Clean Is Clean   [IPC]



How Does a Silane Coupling Agent Work?   [Gelest, Inc.]
Controlled interphases in Glass Fiber and Particulate Reinforced Polymers: Structure of Silane
  Coupling Agents in Solutions and on Substrates


Film Thickness

Operations Manual for the Filmetrics F20 Thin-Film Analyzer   [Filmetrics, Inc.]


General Coating

IPC Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Conformal Coatings    [IPC]
Conformal Coating Value/Risk Assessment for Sandia Satellite Programs   [Sandia National Laboratories]
The Continuing Dangers of Tin Whiskers and Attempts to Control Them with Conformal Coating   [NASA]
Tin Whiskers Found in NASA Study of Toyota Unintended Acceleration Issue   [Indium Corporation]


Masking or Removal

Processing Tips - Conformal Coating [of] Connectors    [SAMTEC]
Plasma Removal of Parylene C    [Journal of Micromechanics and Engineering]



Medical Device Testing Resources   [Toxikon, Inc.]



Support for Improving Quality and Reducing Costs in Aerospace and Defense Quality
  Assurance   [NADCAP/PRI]

Improving Quality and Reducing Aerospace Costs Through Cooperation    [IAQG/OASIS]
Programs for Training, Market Research and Public Policy for Electronics Industry Standards    [IPC]


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