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Unique Process Options


Curtiss-Wright Parylene Services offers important coating technology options that are not available from any other Parylene coating service provider. These alternatives make it possible for our production team to tune the vacuum deposition process so as to meet the specialized requirements of each coating task.

For example, the vacuum deposition sequence can be regulated either by means of chamber pressure management, or by stepped time and temperature control. The best method for a given coating task is determined on the basis of multiple factors that include chamber load and substrate geometry as well as Para Tech’s extensive process experience across a wide range of applications.

Another process option is the availability of two distinct coating chamber designs. In one case, monomer flow is directed tangentially to the chamber load using a proprietary fixture design to enhance diffusion and coating uniformity while minimizing raw material consumption. Another second configuration makes use of variable aperture plates below the fixtured parts, and these plates are pre-adjusted on the basis of the volume and geometry of each chamber load to achieve uniform and effective deposition.

Our coating specialists have long process experience and process management expertise, enabling them to select the optimal approach to meet application requirements quickly and efficiently.



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