Parylene Coating Services
Parylene Coating Services

Choosing The Process

Parylene Production Processes

Choosing the Parylene coating system that best suits you and your product’s needs is an important decision and we want to assist you in this complex production analysis. 

As industry partners we assist in-house coating customers by providing sophisticated automated coating equipment, critical training, production implementation and long-term technical support services.

Value of Working With a Parylene Coating Service Partner

  • No Direct Cost for Equipment, Floor Space, Staff, Training or Maintenance
  • The Advantage of Support From Highly-Experienced Parylene Coating Specialists
  • Access to the Latest High-Performance Production Equipment
  • Tested and Inspected Components with 100% Quality Assurance

Value to having In-House Parylene Coating Capability

  • No Need To Divert Delicate or Highly Proprietary Parts to Another Location
  • Rapid Response to Production Coating Requirements
  • Advantage of Developing On-Site Coating Expertise

The importance of choosing between outside coating services or investing in an in-house Parylene capability is if the volume of parts to be coated justifies the cost to develop the necessary equipment, staff, floor space, raw material inventory, training and system maintenance resources.

Para Tech as a Parylene Partner
We'll help you determine the Parylene production process that's best for you and your company and then we will be your partner in your decision and support you in every way possible. Completing a  Process Decision Worksheet (PDF)  is required for all Parylene users to assess and assist in this important decision process.

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