Parylene Technology
Parylene Technology

Parylene Coating Process

Why Parylene

The Parylene coating process used at Para Tech is superior for controlling temperature and pressure during the coating cycle and is unmatched in coating quality as well as precise production control.

The coating cycle begins with vaporization of the powdered raw material (dimer) at 150°C, creating a dimeric gas. Gas molecules are subsequently cleaved to the monomer form in a second stage by heating to 650°C. The active monomer gas is then introduced to an evacuated coating chamber where it disperses and polymerizes spontaneously on substrate surfaces at room temperature to form Parylene film.

Unlike a curing liquid coating, this molecular stage activity produces no stress or surface tension on coated surfaces. The monomer gas disperses evenly throughout the chamber. The Parylene deposition exhibits no liquid properties such as surface tension or meniscus, and that all sides of every surface are exposed simultaneously to the polymerizing gas, including flat surfaces, sharp edges, slots and crevices.

Parylene Vacuum Deposition Process

Vacuum Deposition Process

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