Industrial Parylene Coating Service

The Para Tech Advantage

Why Choose Para Tech for Parylene Conformal Coating Services

Having Para Tech Coating as your Parylene business partner, you're choosing one of the original Parylene providers in the industry with proven technological advantages and customer support.

  • Industry leader for more than 40 years
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Work Closely With Each Customer to Meet Their Business Objectives
  • Provide Predictable Parylene Coating Cycles
  • Provide Patented Industry Proven Technological Advantages:
  •      1. Patented Fixture Design
         2. Patented Tangential Flow Design
         3. Patented Asymmetrical Design for Tumble Coating

Predictable Coating Cycles
Para Tech Coating systems use a proprietary deposition sequence (see graph image below) that is based on time and temperature alone and does not depend on chamber pressure fluctuations related to the flow of monomer gas. This advanced Para Tech process control methodology has been refined over more than 30 years of operation, and is not available from any other Parylene coating supplier.

In the Para Tech Conformal Coating process, the thermal excursions and coating bursts of the traditional deposition approach are avoided, along with unpredictable cycle length. Time/temperature control results in film of superior clarity and uniformity, and allows for a known cycle length, predictable production scheduling and superior customer service.

In conventional Parylene deposition systems, the sublimating temperature is controlled by a chamber vacuum sensor, which cycles periodically. As a result, both the vacuum level and monomer flow rate oscillate in a sine wave pattern, making the coating cycles unpredictable in length and introducing significant process inefficiency (see graph image here).

Patented Fixture Design
The patented Para Tech fixture design controls the flow of monomer gas as it enters the coating chamber, enhancing diffusion and uniformity, directing the gas to substrates and reducing the amount of dimer required to achieve desired coating results. Variable aperture plates at the bottom of the fixture stack are pre-adjusted according to the volume and geometry of the coating load, and a load-specific skirt of aluminum foil is placed around the base of the structure to further direct monomer flow.

Patented Tangential Flow Design
Para Tech's coating quality also benefits from the Para Tech patented tangential flow chamber design. In this proprietary coating process the monomer gas is introduced into the deposition chamber tangentially and flows around the periphery of the chamber. Parts to be coated are rotated in the counter direction to aid dispersion of the gas. This technique eliminates the need for diverting baffles, enhances uniformity and reduces dimer waste, resulting in competitive pricing and faster turnaround times.

Patented Asymmetrical Design for Tumble Coating
Para Tech's Parylene tumble coating method is highly efficient for processing small, non-fixtured components as it reduces parts handling and allows simultaneous coating of multiple part types. The patented asymmetrical chamber design ensures constant product motion for superior Parylene uniformity. PTC’s range of tumble coating equipment offers optimal user flexibility and the largest production capacity system in the industry.

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