The Para Tech Promise

Trust, Loyalty and Business Success

An effective, productive business relationship is a two-way path, based on a mutual sense of trust developed over time. Favorable, cost-effective and productive vendor/customer relationships depend on a common commitment. Customers or suppliers who make unreasonable demands, fail to keep their word and yet expect unchanged outcomes or show a lack of integrity, can defeat a business partner’s best efforts.

Para Tech seeks to foster loyalty that leads to productive collaboration and mutual success. We work hard to build such relationships by training, equipping and supporting our employees, supplying service and reliability to customers with top quality products, and meeting specifications and expectations throughout the process.

Our Pledge to Our Customers:

  • Having an Open Agenda
  • Attention to Detail
  • Openness to Compromise
  • Always saying precisely what we mean in a spirit of respect
  • Solving Problems
  • Righting Wrongs
  • Pursuing Improvement
  • Keeping Commitments
  • Delivering Results

We are committed to continuing the pursuit of excellence, trust, and loyalty – both within our company and with each of our valued suppliers and customers. This is the Para Tech promise.

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