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Parylene Dimer Supplier

Parylene Conformal Coating Raw Materials

Para Tech is the exclusive North American distributor for GALXYL® dimer, the key raw material used in the Parylene coating process. We offer two (2) commercial Parylene variants, each with its own unique electrical and physical properties. We will assist and advise you to the best and most suitable variant to use for your unique product.

GALXYL Parylene Dimer Variants

GALXYL Parylene N
•  Highest Dielectric Strength
•  Most Effective to Penetrating Crevices
•  Commonly Used in High Frequency Applications

GALXYL Parylene C
•  Advantageous in Lower Moisture and Higher Gas Permeability
•  Average Crevice Penetration Activity
•  Deposits onto Substrates Faster than Parylene N
•  MIL-I-46058C Certified and IPC-CC-830 Approved
•  USP Class VI Biocompatibility Rating

For additional information on the properties and benefits of Parylene films formed with GALXYL dimers, please view the GALXYL Dimer brochure or contact Para Tech at 800-999-4942 or via email.