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Parylene Coating Equipment


Model 4000V

Vertical Automated Parylene Coating System

The Model 4000V has a unique, patented chamber design that makes it more efficient than conventional baffled chamber systems. By eliminating baffles, this system delivers more useable chamber volume and reduces the amount of raw material required, along with reduced need for maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, this chamber and fixture design enables extremely low coating thickness gradients across substrate surfaces and coatings of exceptional clarity and low dimer content.

Several optional chamber sizes accommodate varying production needs. Modular design enables quick and easy separation of the generator from the chamber modules for efficient and economical coating of a variety of substrates.

Key Features

  • Utilizes Para Tech's patented tangential flow coating technology for film uniformity and production economy
  • Baffle-free design decreases Parylene dimer usage, reduces maintenance requirements and produces films of exceptional clarity and uniformity
  • Vertical design for processing PCBs and other substrates
  • Different chamber sizes available to meet customer production needs
  • Multiple hinged doors for tool-free access and easy maintenance
  • The 4000V is fully microprocessor controlled. Utilizing a user-friendly touch-screen HMI display (Human Machine Interface), the 4000V comes pre-programmed to cover a wide range of Parylene coating applications. The HMI also collects critical coating-run process data that can be viewed on the HMI screen in real-time and can be exported and analyzed off-line using a personal computer.


Chamber Dimensions : Four standard inside diameters can be combined with four standard heights for sixteen possible combinations. Custom configurations are available.


Cold Trap : The system can be configured with a two stage mechanical chiller or alternative cooling methods per customer specifications.


Vacuum System : Mechanical, direct drive, rotary vane pump 13.4 cfm or 20.9 cfm (23m3h-l or 35m3h-l) depending on size of chamber selected. Oil mist after filter is standard and 99% effective. Electropneumatic operation of control and vent valving are standard.


Minimum Floor Space Requirement : 8' x 10' (2.5m x 3m)


Electrical Requirements : 208 volts, three-phase, 4 or 5 wire and ground, 5 kW. CE compliant. International configurations available.


Weight : 700 lbs to 800 lbs (318 kg to 363 kg)


Contact Curtiss-Wright Parylene Services with questions related to Parylene use in industrial and commercial coating applications, or for assistance with process development and full coating services for your products.


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