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Parylene Coating Equipment


Model 2000H

Horizontal Automated Parylene Coating System

Para Tech vacuum deposition Parylene coating systems are designed for efficient production coating. Pressure and temperature values are pre-programmed and automatically controlled, giving unskilled operators the ability to achieve precise and repeatable results.

The Model 2000H coating system design allows users to select from multiple chamber configurations using the same generator, for the utmost in production flexibility. System modularity boosts overall production capacity and allows for fast, simple separation of the generator and deposition sections to facilitate maintenance. Chamber, vacuum system, rotational drive and cold trap are separate components for convenient servicing.

With the largest deposition chamber in the industry, the Model 2000H coating system can be used to Parylene coat up to 80 lbs. of substrates per cycle. The horizontal tumbler is set to rotate at a speed that provides maximum exposure of surfaces to the monomer gas while avoiding substrate damage. The coating chamber is mounted on a rail mechanism to speed the loading and unloading of the tumbler. Tumble coating is a fast and cost-effective means for coating unfixtured components with an even and controlled layer of Parylene.

Key Features

  • Efficient, patented vacuum deposition system can reduce Parylene (dimer) consumption
  • Patented asymmetrical chamber design ensures exceptional coating uniformity and optimal consistency for high volume tumble processing
  • Modular format allows chamber size and configuration changes to be made with negligible downtime
  • Low working height permits easy and efficient loading and unloading
  • The 2000H is fully microprocessor controlled. Utilizing a user-friendly touch-screen HMI display (Human Machine Interface), the 2000H comes pre-programmed to cover a wide range of Parylene coating applications. The HMI also collects critical coating-run process data that can be viewed on the HMI screen in real-time and can be exported and analyzed off-line using a personal computer.
  • Versatile chamber design allows for custom batch sizes

Chamber Dimensions : The standard chamber size is 16" internal diameter by 30" long (406mm x 762mm). The chamber can hold tumblers with different dimensions for maximum production efficiency. Custom chamber configurations are available.

Cold Trap : The system can be configured with a two stage mechanical chiller or alternative cooling methods per customer specifications.

Vacuum System : Mechanical, direct drive, rotary vane pump 13.4 cfm or 20.9 cfm (23m3h-l or 35m3h-l) depending on size of chamber selected. Oil mist after filter is standard and 99% effective. Electropneumatic operation of control and vent valving are standard.

Minimum Floor Space Requirement : 8' x 10' (2.5m x 3m)

Electrical Requirements : 208 volts, three-phase, 4 or 5 wire and ground, 5 kW. CE compliant. International configurations available.

Weight : 700 lbs to 800 lbs (318 kg to 363 kg)


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