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Parylene Coating Equipment


Model ARS

Alcohol Recovery System

The Model ARS alcohol recovery system is designed to cut long term production costs by increasing the usable life of solutions used in pre-coat cleaning and pre-coat treatment systems. The ARS is designed specifically for the rigors of ferrite cleaning applications, and the ARS is designed to augment the coating of electronics, PCB assemblies and other similar substrates.

The system is completely self-contained and designed to permit easy access for filter replacement and other maintenance. A variety of optional equipment features allow for modification to meet round-the-clock operation requirements and support specialized applications.


Key Features

  • Sophisticated pumping and filtration system for recycling cleaning and priming solutions
  • Extends the usable life of solutions and reduces consumption levels
  • Saves material cost while protecting the environment
  • Designed specifically for use with Para Tech Parylene deposition systems


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